Sunday, April 24, 2011

ROW80 - 4

It's the beginning of the the third week of ROW 80
I did a lot of editing on TOL:R. A story is never really complete and I worked on making sure all the loose ends were tied. I really think I needed a fresh pair of eyes looking at the story. Ever feel that way? That you look and work on the story so much, that it just seems right?

I did work on the sequel to TOL:R a bit. I wrote about 750 words.

My totals right now for my:
sequel are:3,100
New WIP: 3,825


  1. Well done on your progress :)
    It always helps getting someone to read your story. Sometimes I feel paranoid about my WIP until I get reassurance from someone else.
    You've been away for too long, missy! I expect more bloggyness from you asap :)

  2. It's good to hear from you. I went on vacation! It was amazing! I will get on the blogging! I promise! If you ever need me to read your stuff, I will. Just let me know!

  3. Good for you on the editing. You're right about the story seeming right. I like to follow the advice to put it away for a while and come back after reading other authors. I was away from mine while I set up for the rewrite phase. Looking at it now, torn between laughing and crying. :)

  4. I agree. You can get so close to the story you can't see the holes. Congrats on the new WIP progress.

  5. Thanks Michelle! If you ever need me to read for you, I'm the woman for the job!

    Actually, I've really been wanting to talk to you all week about self-publishing but since I've been sick it's been hard to string coherent sentences together.

    Maybe this week we can have a chat sometime?

  6. Great job on your progress! I've definitely felt the need to have a fresh pair of eyes look at my book. Sometimes you need a new perspective.

  7. Thanks for the offer Komai - I have been doing some research on self-publishing and was going to organize all my info. I will send you what I come up with and we can talk about it! I am glad I know someone else considering doing this!

    @Ghenet- thanks for stopping by again! ANd glad to see your progress as well on ROW