Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Gone was released today!

It's been busy. I've been busy but somewhere in there I finished Gone!!! And it's live now!

*Celebration dance*

So here it is with a few of the links if you want it!

Tess Waters’ life is perfect. She has everything she’s ever wanted all wrapped up in her boyfriend Alec. But Alec has a different plan and one day, he’s gone. 

Tess is devastated. She doesn’t remember how to be herself and she doesn’t want to. Her family believes she needs to move on and get over him. It’s easier said than done. Tess doesn’t know where to begin because everywhere she turns, she thinks of Alec. She doesn’t think this heartbreak will ever stop. 

Eventually, Tess finds comfort in places she never realized she had. From there she discovers a person she never knew she could be.

Find it for ebook on Amazon and paperback on Amazon

This is my third published book, but I started it way before anything else I've written. It's a story that if you have ever been heartbroken, you will be able to relate to Tess. Heartbreak is that universal bond people share.

I hope you enjoy it and drop me a line to let me know what you think!