Thursday, October 28, 2010

Indiana Jones - Who has seen it?

I recently got done reading The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown with my seniors. It was a process but it is a rich text that isn't an easy read but current enough. For those of you who don't know this novel is about the search for the notorious Holy Grail. Brown puts an interesting twist on the Grail legend.
My class and I were discussing the different media and literature references to the Holy Grail and I brought up one that I thought was a "gimme," Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade. Do you want to know how many of my students had seen ANY of the Indiana Jones Trilogy? Two. Yes, I wrote two! I was baffled. How could these children know so much about "Old School" and not know Harrison Ford's greatest role!
I have a mind to have my students write a compare and contrast on Grail Legend just so that I can show them this movie! It may be the "Old School" in me, but everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, should watch at least one of these movies (and no not the recent one that came out either).

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fixing Up a Fixer-Upper

Bradley and I have been in the process of fixing our new home for about three months. It has been, well, a really long process that is not near to being over. It is nice though because things are coming together. My bedroom is painted and only needs touching up in paint and the floor cleaned. My bathroom needs the vanity and toilet and I LOVE THE COLOR OF THIS ROOM. It's a beautiful grey, tint of blue in it. My living room is a light yellow/tan called cozy cottage. One wall needs to be finished, needs some mud. I also have beautiful Maple cabinets that have been sitting in a trailer on my lawn. BUT... I am priming the kitchen today and hopefully within the week, they will be up!

What I have learned so far - i know what is lead paint and what is not, how to do the three layers of mud, how to sand and then finely sand, the patience to paint a room, prime, taping, ceiling, walls, touch-up and little odds and ends about the home... and lets be honest some of the things I have learned are because I have made mistakes.

But I'm getting close!