WIPs and Manuscripts

I am currently working steadily on the sequel: The Owens Legacy: Redemption. In the sequel - half way done with the first draft - the girls have a very large change in their relationship that they have to deal with. They are no longer an unbreakable force to be reckoned with. Since my release of The Owens Legacy: Revelations (Ha - I "released" it) this has become a main focus for me. I hope to get it out to Nadine (My number one editor) as soon as the end of April. Wish me luck.  **UPDATE - I have it done it is just shelved***

historical romance WIP I have these two characters in my head that I "see" a lot. No, I'm not crazy. But I have started to jot them down slowly. I am not focusing on this very much. It's just in the early stages.

Gone WIP I am currently rewriting a novel I started 6 years ago. It is about a teen who gets her heart broken and has a hard time coping. Sadly several of these events are true to my life. This novel was my therapy.

I'm always looking for people to edit, read over, give input - whatever you are willing to do - If you are interested in this - email me at mf060784@gmail