Monday, April 4, 2011

Blog about your dog Monday.

Hey! I love Mondays because of this! I stole the idea from Lindsay over at Lindsay Writes.
Anyway, this week is Fergie's turn. My collie has some
interesting habits and does some really corky things. But this one is her weirdest.

I have this pillow; its meant to help your posture, all kinds of special. Well one day this week, I couldn't find it. Where did it go? I really couldn't find the damn thing. Do you want to know where it was? In my boyfriend's closest where she sleeps. Yeah, that's right, the little snot took it off the bed, took it to the closest and slee
ps on when she curls up in there. (We aren't sure why she sleeps in the closest, but the door is always open in there). I haven't been able to catch her with enough lighting to take a picture, but I will work on it.

So here is just a pic of Fergie... the pillow snatching diva she is :)


  1. Oh she is a sly on isn't she. :) Lol. Well, she must have thought you looked comfy so she wanted to try it out. lol.

  2. Aww adorable! I have always wanted a Collie! Your stories about Fergie are really tempting me to get one.
    Gosh, that would mean 4 dogs. Can I really handle that? Probably not but...I wants one :(

  3. I will tell you that the collie is a great breed... fiercely loyal, great with kids, and if you're lucky a bunch of funny habits... shes currently laying on the pillow in the closet...