Monday, March 28, 2011

Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

I'm addicted now.

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Katniss is awesome in the heat of moment, very resourceful. But when it comes to planning things out, like oh, I don't know...saving your family and friends...she's not so good at it. And, I'm really torn between Gale and Peeta. I would date Peeta. He would be my boyfriend. End of story, however, Gale has such a strong appeal. He's stoic and steady. It's a tough choice, but this girl needs to pick one.

Spoiler: HOLY SHOCKED when they had to go back into the games. Damn you President Snow. I want an "I hate Snow" shirt. One because I live in a snow belt and two, I hate that character. Peeta, brave Peeta, totally going to die for Katniss again.

Spoiler: I knew that HeadGamer guy was up to something the moment he showed her that watch. Mockingjay total symbol. Does anyone know what I could do with the symbolism of that bird in my classroom!?! (*needs to breathe before I pass out*) Haymitch - really you planned this whole behind your back uprising and you didn't tell either one of those two kids? Does anyone feel that they could have been total assets and maybe my boyfriend Peeta would not be in the clutches of the capitol?

Collins has done a great job, again, with making me want to read more. I have no idea how you people who read the book and then had to wait, did it. Collins really has a plot line driven by action, which for me are the best.

Some quick thoughts:
I don't know who she is going to pick in the end
President Snow better get an arrow from Katniss
Prim better stay safe.
I hope Peeta's alright.
Where did Collins get the name Peeta?


  1. I read the Hunger Games trilogy not too long ago and I barely remember eating or drinking from Book 1 to Book 3. They are such great books and written so well *sigh*

  2. I know...Im not officially addicted.

  3. This series was awesome!! I loved it.

    Oh I wanted to let you know that the book has shipped but since its to a PO Box it wouldn't do the 2 day shipping. Sorry. I did not know that before. It shipped out yesterday though so hopefully it comes soon.

    Did you get anything from CC Hunter yet?

  4. I did! She sent me a ton of stuff...signed a piece of 6 bookmarks...a pen, tablet, poster... everything with the title! I was super pumped... I got your stuff too!!! I love how you have your own did you design your bookmark/button/website...mine needs to be revamped.