Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tell me what is in Kate's book bag!

If you were to find this stuff in a book bag of a teenage girl, what would that tell you about her? Its for my new novel and I am really trying to work on "Kate's" detail. i picked this up off of some one's blog and I thought it would be interesting if you could tell me?

Five tubes of once used lip gloss

A folder with five subjects of paper in it

A cracker wrapper and crumbs

A camera

Spare change thrown in

Broken dog biscuit

Don't want to do this? Tell me something that is at the bottom of your book bag or purse. Your help is greatly appreciated!


  1. This tells me that Kate enjoys capturing memories with her camera. She has a dog and she likes to snack on crackers. She goes to high school and she has a girly side to her and likes to look good.

    I am also a new follower and an aspiring author too. I can be found at:

  2. Thanks for help! I really appreciate it!