Monday, March 14, 2011

Blog About Your Pet Monday.

This is a weekly MEME from Lindsay Writes. Though my blog really is for the English realm, Fergie and Mia are too big a part of my life not to incorporate into my blog.
This week's story is about Mia. I recently settled into my office at my new house (last damn room in the house to be done and the one I was super pumped about). It has hard wood floors and my rolly chair is not on a rug. Mia is a 96 lb dog who thinks she can fit in anyone's lap. Yes I indulge this behavior with her.
I was in the rolly chair and she tried to climb up into my lap, Mia was not expecting the chair to roll away from her and as she tried to get closer to me, she kept pushing the chair father her away. This went on for five minutes until she finally pushed my chair against the wall. Satisfied that the chair would not move on her, she climbed up into my lap and had the wall not been there would have knocked me right back, @ss over teacup. Sadly, I have no video or picture of this, so here is just a cute pic of Miss Mia.

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