Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Whats your favorite dystopia?

Hey everyone! I am looking for some reads for my students! I was thinking about doing a literature circle unit all with dystopia students. What is your favorite dystopia book and why?

Mine is The Giver. Maybe it was because it was the first dystopia I ever read. Maybe I just feel for Jonas as he comes to all those realizations. I love other ones too. But I am curious if you have a favorite and why.

Thanks for the help.


  1. I love dystopian novels and my favourite is '1984' by George Orwell. I love the concept of Big Brother and how Orwell created jargon for the novel like "doublespeak" etc. I respect the character of Winston Smith who secretly rebels through writing (keeping a journal).

    Other dystopian novels that I love are:

    Lord of the Flies
    The Handmaid's Tale
    Hunger Games Trilogy
    Brave New World

    I hope that helps you :)

  2. uglies- better for girls, I think
    hunger games- better for girls, but everyone loves it!
    lord of the flies- some kids think it's hard to read because of the style
    the maze runner (great for boys and girls)
    UNWIND by neal schusterman! this one is creepy and awesome, again great for both boys and girls!

  3. Orwell's 1984 is the first dystopian I read years ago and I think it's great! (I'm going to read it again soon)
    And of course The Hunger Games!

  4. Hunger Games
    City of Ember

  5. Hey ladies! Thanks for the suggestions!!! You are super helpful!

  6. I love dystopia because it makes me wonder, what if...
    Some great dystopian reads are:

    The Adoration of Jenna Fox- It really makes you think and it's a breathtaking novel. Definitely good for an english class.

    The Giver- Most people find it bland, but I really enjoyed this one.

    Fahrenheit 451- Hard to grasp though, might be a challenging read for younger readers.

    Lord of The Flies- Again might be a harder read for younger readers, but shocking!

    Unwind- A lot of kids could relate to this one, and it is definitely intense. I highly recommend this one!

    Hope those suggestions helped!

  7. @TB I loved Unwind!! and The giver is one of favorites too!