Monday, March 21, 2011

Blog about your dog Monday!

It's Blog about your dog Monday. Lindsay at Lindsay Writes does this and I picked up on it!
I am going to take some time and blog about Fergie today (it was Mia's turn yesterday).
Fergie has some OCD tendencies:
  1. Will not go up staircases without being told too
  2. Will not go up staircases without landings
  3. She will only lay her front half on the couch...refuses to cuddle on it.
  4. Will not pee unless Mia is completely done doing her business
  5. Hates tile
  6. Will not go by our fridge to save her life
  7. Only will go into my office if she goes to my bedroom, my boyfriend's office, and repeat the process two more times.
  8. When barks a lot and I tell her to "be quiet" she will stop, bark once, stop, and then bark two more times.
I heart her and her nutty-ness. Here is Lady Fergilious as a puppy.

Feel free to share some of your stories with me!!! I am a huge animal lover.

So I was on The Lovely Getaway's page and she linked me to this awesome contest over at Jennifer Lauren's. You have a chance to win Heavenly or A Season of Eden. All you need to do is post a comment and post about it! It ends this weekend!


  1. OMG! Your dog is adorable!! "Will not pee unless Mia is completely done doing her business"... hahaha :) Such courtesy!You have a lovely dog, Michelle!

    ps. thanks for the name drop! oh and check your email!

  2. She is the weirdest dog! I swear!
    Hey, no prob about the name drop! You deserve the credit! I hope one of us wins!!!
    I'll check it now - email that is!

  3. Awww, such a cute dog! I love animals too, especially dogs and have 3 of my own although none of them exhibit any of the traits that Fergie does.

    I love the unique personality that every dog has. They're such great animals!

    Taking your lead, I will post something similar on my blog :)

  4. oh my goodness so CUTE! thanks for joining my blog about your dog!! =]

  5. I love dogs too, Fergie sounds so amazing :) They're my favorite pet in the world (yes the whole world).... I"m so glad I found your blog :) Excited to read more!! New follower...