Sunday, February 27, 2011

Who has the goods on ePublishing?

ePublishing... I am looking for links or people who know a lot about this world. I am going to continue looking for a literary agent, because it is my dream to walk in to a bookstore and see my book in hardcover with my name on it AND then see someone pick it up and buy it! However, I have been researching and seeing the benefits of ePublishing, such as: immediate publication (no waiting for someone to say you're good enough, NOOKs and Kindles are in, and I could start making money for writing. I feel these reasons are good enough to continue my research.

So again, who knows some stuff like: who converts manuscripts into the proper format to be a ePub file?
Anyone know who is into designing covers (sadly my ability does not run on the artistic side)
Also, (totally random) I want a button...How do I do this?
Has anyone done an independent ePub book? Want to share your experience? Or could you point me at someone who has?

Thanks everyone!

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