Monday, February 28, 2011

Blog about your dog Monday!

My puppies!

I read Lindsay's blog and decided I wanted to blog about my dogs!
I am going to start with Lady Fergilious. This is her when I first brought her home. My boyfriend wasn't exactly thrilled that I was bringing home a long-haired
puppy but that didn't mean anything to me. I wanted her! My friend Cody and I went to go pick her up. Her first home was on a farm and her momma was soooo pretty and tiny for a collie. My pup was in with about 6 other puppies and had I the money I would have taken them all home! Did I alsomention there were pigs right next to her and that she smelled like one for about four baths! Now here she is! This was taken this month. She loves outside, has OCD tendencies (wont walk by a fridge or won't go upstairs if not called), is fiercely protective of me, wonderful around little kids, and my best friend!

Next is Miss Mia. Well my boyfriend decided that if I had a dog, he
should have one. He told me on a trip home he was going to go look at a cane corso (Italian mastiff). Well I knew he was going to come home with a dog, except when he walked in with Mia, I was like "Where's the puppy?" MIA WAS HUGE at 2 months, 24 lbs! Her first sign that she loved me, was she hid between my legs (a lot of ppl were around) and peed on me. Here is the biggest baby you have ever met! I do not think I have met a dog that needs to be around humans and to be touching them at all times. If I sit
on the floor, she sits ON my lap!

I love them!

Also, Tabitha at Writer Musing critiqued a passage from my book if you want to check it out! She is super talented!


  1. Your dogs are adorable!!! I love miss mia :) too cutteee

  2. You would love her! She is super sweet-natured too!

  3. Ahh... I love them both! I adore dogs and those sound wonderful, lucky Michelle :D There names are awesome too! Thanks for sharing about your pups!