Thursday, May 24, 2012

What's Your Take (6)

Week 6 of What's Your Take!

This is week six for my new feature and I have to say everyone who has participated thus far has been awesome and really helped me define more about what this feature will be like and really it comes down to the title - What's Your Take. There are so many topics out there that all of you know about concerning the blogging network, publishing world, writing world, reading world. I love getting people's "takes," and so far I am learning a lot. Make sure to stop by every Thursday to see each week's feature and feel free to contact me to do a post! (Email Mf060784@gmail).

The importance of networking in person. Recently I have had the chance to really understand what it means to make real-life connections for promoting my book. I have worked for two years on building a blog following, surfing and cataloging information for promotion, and made a lot of super supportive friends - but mostly all on the internet. Now this is not a bad thing - I have reached people all the way in Australia. 

However recently, I have had three experiences where I got to self-promote in person. The first is I went to a banquet where I met Lia Habel, author of Dearly, Departed. Joe, Lia, and I talked books, trends, and most importantly writing. Joe and I both got some supportive feedback from Lia and made a friend with connection to the publishing world.  

Note 1: Go to conference, banquets, and meet and greets - it's not a joke - a few minutes with an author can open up some cracks in doors and windows for you. 

Next a very dear friend and favorite bartender Barb spoke to me about my book. Barb has bought my book in paperback, ebook, and bought one for her local library. She talked to me about her summer gift store she does here in the Chautauqua area. She talked to me about buying copies of my books and selling them for me at her store and doing a book signing. Now - I have no way of selling my book in a store - until now. It's a golden opportunity. Plus because of the frequent tourism to the area people who would not normally find my book - just might and take it back to their state, share it with a friend, who then shares it with a daughter, and WA BAM - Michelle Flick - household name! 

Note 2: Talk to people about your book - you never know how they can make that crack in the door or window bigger for you. 

Finally - another supportive friend of mine, Patti, is part of a book club. For the May meeting Patti bought all eight members a copy of my book to read. On top of that, these wonderful ladies invited me to join in on their May meeting. We talked for two hours about my book, the writing process, the publishing world, and shared stories. One of the ladies, Beth, stated that all of them would be firm supporters in my career. That is 7 more people, thanks to Patti, now know my name, my face, and have had personal interaction with me. These ladies were so wonderful. I was nervous and they put me at complete ease! 

Note 3: Book clubs - the untapped market. It's the same chain reaction. People who know the book, know you personally, will spread the word for you, making that crack slightly bigger. 

Anyone out there have a untapped resource they want to share with the rest of us? Want to add to Note 4? Believe me, I want to tap it :)


  1. Great! It is huge to get out there with others, in any way you are able to do so. :) Best of luck to you!

  2. this is so amazing, Michelle!! So happy for you <3