Sunday, May 6, 2012

ROW80 3/4

Yeah - OK - so I didn't blog last week about my writing success because I had none. I had a ton to do with prom, teaching, and softball.  So week 3 - ZERO. 
Week one 4,200 words!
Week two 2,322 words!

Week three zero

And this week 4! And what did I accomplish on week 4? Nothing ... OF MY GOAL. 

I actually did a lot of noting, organizing, and creative thinking for a new manuscript idea. I was listening to that song by Lady Antebellum - Dancing Away with my Heart and this story popped into my head. Since then, for a whole week I have been envisioning Jack and leading lady (don't have a name for her yet). And while I meant to work on my draft - I just couldn't get them out of my head. Has that ever happened to you? Where you get an overwhelming idea for a story and it's like a movie in your head? I see them. I know their personalities and picked to write down these thoughts before I lost them. Will I actually start writing this idea and forming it into a draft - not right now, but I can't lose the small things or big things because I know that I will be pissed when I go to write it and can't remember it. 

So week 4 - zero for writing. 

On a non-writing goal - I saw a lot of people do some personal goals on here so I am adding one - I have been slowly becoming a runner. I put on my awesome person costume (see here for a reference - ps -this girl is hilarious - what voice!) and went running this morning. I absolutely HATE running. Someone should be proud of me.  :)

This week's resolution! - I am going to write 3,000 words for the rest of ROW to make up for my giant amount of slackerness. (As a writer do you feel you can make up words? I call it wordsmithing! :) ) 

Besides a new novel idea, I got to meet the awesome Lia Habel at my Reading Council's banquet. A post about that will be up tomorrow if you want to stop back and here about this lovely lady!

Also, I am looking for people who want to guest post on my weekly feature = What's Your Take. You can write about anything you want. It can do with writing, reading, blogging, trends, anything! And it's a good way to spread your name around! Email me at mf060784 at gmail. 

How about you? What was your writing week like? 


  1. Sometimes, you just have to take a break from writing, and it's long as you start writing again at some point, which you seem ready to do. I had a week off writing two weeks ago as well but I got back on track this week, and I'm sure it will be the same for you. And congratulations on the running success! Have a great week and happy writing!

  2. Running is such a wonderful goal to have, and a really worthwhile one to achieve. I do some of my best writing just following a good run. It gets your mind moving in new ways that it just won't beforehand. So kudos to you for the running.

    And from what I can see you've got a lot going on so don't worry too much about the entire I haven't gotten anything done. Writing takes time, and from what I'm seeing you're doing the hard work the prewriting right now. It will all work out. Just give it some time. Take Heart.