Thursday, May 17, 2012

What's Your Take (5)

This is week five for my new feature and I have to say everyone who has participated thus far has been awesome and really helped me define more about what this feature will be like and really it comes down to the title - What's Your Take. There are so many topics out there that all of you know about concerning the blogging network, publishing world, writing world, reading world. I love getting people's "takes," and so far I am learning a lot. Make sure to stop by every Thursday to see each week's feature and feel free to contact me to do a post! (Email Mf060784@gmail).

I decided to participate in this week's What's Your Take. I am going to focus on reading trends in Young Adult. It wasn't until I became a Twilight/vampire junkee (though I have always been a vampire junkee) that I noticed that there were trends in Young Adult. I had always been, still am I suppose, a person who finds a book, picks it up because it looks good and goes with it, not typically because it's the trend. 

A review of trends:

The vampire trend - including Twilight, Blue Bloods, The Vampire Academies 

The werewolf trend - including The Linger Series, The Nightshade series. The Gathering

The everything other than vampire and werewolf supernatural trend - including The Mortal Instrument Series, The Hush Hush Series, Firelight

The Distopia trend -including Divergent, Article 5, Unwind, Withered

The spin on an old classic trend (and what seems to be the current trend) - including The Selection and The Goddess Hunt

Like I said,  I noticed trends with the vampire trend. I bought a bunch of different series, all vampires because my students were BURNING through them, and then they stopped, and one of my students brought in Linger, and they were all hooked. About four months later, I noticed some of my more avid readers, liking angel books and the non-typical supernatural creature books. This time I was ahead of the trend, but only because I was observant (finally) enough to realize it was happening. 

I have since been keeping a close watch on trends for my students. I still tend to be drawn to anything supernatural, yes especially vampires, but because of the trends, I get to find books like Divergent and The Goddess Hunt and get to share it with my students. 

But what is it about trends that? What is it about skinny jeans? What is it about Twitter? Trends - in general, what draws us to them, for whatever amount of time, and then why do we say, eh, that's enough. Next? 

I have an opinion, and am looking for other opinions. I think it's about the "new." There are so many things in life that do no change: job, friends, family, houses, etc. But trends allow to add a little spice into the mix. I can change my style of clothes. I can be in on the new social networking, until the next one. I can read about something new, to break up the every day life. 

Two questions: What do you think the next trend will be? AND What do you think it is about trends. 

Let me know if you want to participate in What's Your Take. It's a way to get your name out there and a chance to state your opinion on either reading or writing. 


  1. The thing with trends, they go for a while then die out hard because everyone it tired of the "same old. same old." But, if they would mix up their reading some, it wouldn't die out for them. Or get "bored" with it. What the next trend will be... Hmm, that's a hard one. Angels seems to be on a come and go cycle. But, your guess is as good as mine. :)

  2. Yeah - I have no idea whats coming up next. I have to admit - that I make the trends Im into "die out hard". I blame my compulsive nature.:)