Thursday, March 29, 2012

Seeking Guest Bloggers

Hey writing and reading friends - I am looking for some of you to do some guest posting on my blog. I thought of a few topics I would like to see published but am not limiting it to these topics.

Drafting process
Reviewing process
What's it like to be the editor for a friend's novel
Meeting people to edit
Meeting people to start a following

What's the current fad?
What makes something the current fad?
That genre between YA and adult
Steamy topics in YA appropriate or not?
Promotion of a specific author (can even be you)

This would be a great way to reach out to some people who haven't heard your name, get a few more followers, and would spice up your typical blogging schedule. Shoot me an email at mf060784@gmail and we can set something up. Maybe if a few people want to do the same topic we can combine or have a debate. OK - I'll stop being so excited and just wait for someone to email me.

Side note - completely unrelated - The Titanic trailer is playing in the background - heart that song. Going to go download it.


  1. Hey, I'd love too!! I will drop you an email!

  2. I'd love to as well. I'll email you.

    P.S. I love that song to :)

  3. Thanks for signing up to help me out ladies! I look forward to working with you both :)

  4. I'd be happy to also guest post. I'll let you know the topic asap.

    As for the song, its nice, but I understand Kate Winslet hates it. Something about being asked to sing it or hearing it constantly whenever she goes to restaurants. She also has a problem with boats now. People ask her to recreate the Jack and Rose moment at the bow.