Thursday, March 15, 2012

ebook and Amazon? Need a favor.

Dear Everyone, 

As most of you know (because I have been shouting it from the rooftops) that I recently released my first novel. I have a current copy sitting on my coffee table. It's very pretty where it is sitting. And I got some great news today, my book is finally up on Amazon and now all the Kindle readers - wait, no, it's says paperback -. HM.

So it's not offered in e-book. I did further investigating and if I want to do it myself, I have to give Amazon exclusive rights for 90 days. Well, hindsight is only 50 50. More research and I may have done Amazon first and then Barnes and Noble. But I didn't so.... 

Now what? Anyone have any ideas? 

Also there is this funky little button that people can request a paperback in kindle format. Has anyone had any success with that?  Well, as a long shot, I am asking that you please click the button and request my book in Kindle format. Here is the link. It's right below the cover. 

Thanks everyone!




  1. I think you can publish it to Amazon without exclusive if you just change the option.

  2. Like Beth said, you can change the option so that Amazon doesn't have exclusive rights for 90 days. I'm not entirely sure how though. That exclusivity gives you higher royalties I think.

    I saw it in a FAQ on Amazon. I'll have a look tomorrow for you.

  3. i requested it :) hopefully it goes through1