Thursday, March 8, 2012

Giveaway reminder

Hey everyone - Just a reminder if you want to sign up for my giveaway for my book - go here.
Also, tomorrow, I will be a guest poster on my friend Molli's blog. Check it out.

Still in the romance novel kick - And they all are in 1700's and 1800's. I just love the era to be honest. I like the prim and proper and how ALWAYS there is a female breaking those rules. It's great!

So two more mini-reviews.

To Love of Thief by Julie Anne Long
Lily Masters has a gift for picking pockets and telling stories—skills that come in handy for surviving London's slums. She's proud of providing for herself and her lively young sister, Alice, and she's never been caught. Well, there's always a first time. 

Gideon Cole is a brilliant barrister with an unfortunate weakness for clients who can't pay. His latest charitable misstep: buying the freedom of a daring, beautiful thief. To repay the debt, Lily agrees to his proposition: pose as the object of his desire and help him snare a wealthy bride. All he has to do is transform the impudent Lily into a diamond of the first water.

But the education of Lily could cost Gideon his carefully planned future. While she plays cards with his invalid uncle, and Alice charms the servants, the honorable Gideon is harboring less than honorable thoughts. For sweet, stubborn, and sensual Lily has a way of slipping past a gentleman's defenses—especially when she's stealing his heart.

This one was good for two reasons - The Nemesis of Lily - I hated her. I wanted nothing more than that woman to get what she deserved. She was a fake girl with no innate feelings - just "proper." When I can hate a character - I really tend to love the book.  The second part that I really liked was how Lily had her sister Alice to take care of. Lily's whole point is to make sure Alice is safe, taken care of, healthy all that stuff. It's a great relationship. Alice, herself, is a lovable 10 year old who Gideon, besides Lily, can't stay away from. 

The romance part - great - but like in one of the books I read last week - there was a scene where my heart just broke for Lilly. I wanted to hit Gideon. I really felt bad for her. (Because remember, all characters, are real.)

Tangled Reins - Stephanie Laurens
Dorothea was resigned to live a spinster's life...
Miss Dorothea Darent had no intention of ever getting married, until a dashing stranger with hazel eyes kissed her under a blackberry tree.

Haunted by their kiss, the Marquis of Hazelmere, a notorious scoundrel, was determined to win Dorothea's heart while she dazzled London socialites. Amidst shocked whispers, he swept Dorothea into her first waltz and sparked the jealous plots of lesser suitors.

Now Dorothea had a choice to make: stick with her plan to stay a respectable spinster, or run into the arms of her dashing stranger...

I'm a huge Stephaine Lauren's fan, but this one - fell short. Have any of you read the Cynster novels? I love them. This one. I just felt it lacked the danger, the scandal, the whole "I'm pulling one over on society".  

Redeeming quality - Hazelmere - OK. I'm in love with him.

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  1. To Love A Thief sounds pretty neat. I like the idea it is working with, unless your wanting to hit him means he was overbearing or a butt head?

    Beth ^_^