Monday, March 26, 2012

Hotties in the Media

One of my tippy favorite movies is Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. It's one of my rainy day, need noise in the background, movies - because I can recite it line by line. I love this movie for many reasons - but the number one is because it still evokes emotion in me, like when Miriam screams "Robin" near the end, I still get goosebumps. When Robin Hood says he would die for her, I swoon.

But back to the post. KEVIN COSTNER. He is such a hottie and such a bad ass in movies. I won't list all of the movies he has been - I don't have the time - but I will promote my two favorite (wait already promoted one.

There is just something about a guy with a bow and arrow.

Then there is Frank Farmer - The Bodyguard. I want my sister to stalk and hate me so I can get a bodyguard like that. Wait - I don't have a sister. I love how he just picks Whitney Houston up and takes charge. Holy smokin hott.

These are both movies from the early 90's - fully equipped with awesome soundtracks - I will always love you and Everything I do, I do it for you (that was my first boyfriend's and mine song haha). He looks young and hott and you want to know what he looks like as an older guy?

Old and HOTT. DAMN!

Do you have an early 90's star that was hott or still is? Leave it for me!


  1. I actually haven't seen Robin Hood Prince of Thieves. I definitely want to see it now. It sounds romantic. I loved The Bodyguard. Loved it!

  2. It's sooooo romantic. Really go watch it. If I wasn't so attached to my copy, I would send it to you.

  3. Oh! Isn't this fun??? Hmmm... I've always thought Jeff Goldblum was cute... my biggest crush (don't laugh) is Hugh Laurie from House, LOL! I love that man! :D

    What a fun blog. New follower here... I'll look forward to your posts! ;)