Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Teaser 7 for Walker!

A bunch of teaser coming out this week! Walker will be out in 8 days!!!!

The little girl came charging into the room, frantically looking around the room, not seeing me.
            “Ryleigh!” I yelled, hoping she would hear me.
            She paused, listening and I heard it too. Footsteps. Heavy, slow footsteps coming toward the room. The urge to hide had passed. I went to grab Rayleigh, but I was unable to touch her. She stared, frozen. The footsteps were closer and I had no desire to see who was coming around the corner. I bolted from the room.
            Ryleigh let out a blood–curdling scream, making me stop my mad dash for an exit in the back. I whirled around, to see a guy standing there. He was in the shadows. I could only see disjointed parts of him. His sneakers, the rip in the knee of his jeans, his forearm, but his face fell perfectly in the light. He was staring at me, puzzled.
            Ryleigh let out another blood curdling scream and I dashed back into the room. She was a child and she was scared, dream or not. I stood in front of Ryleigh. She screamed and screamed. I went to rip her out of his hold, but I couldn’t touch him either. He knocked her to the ground and started dragging her to the foyer.
            “Let her go,” I screamed. “Let her go.”
            They didn’t pay any attention to me. He continued to drag her out of the room. He headed toward the staircase as Ryleigh kicked and screamed for her release. I charged at him one more time.

            “Wake up! Wake up Kate!” Jesse was shaking me. “Kate! You’re having a nightmare.”

AH! Poor Kate! Wait no - Ryleigh.

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