Thursday, December 26, 2013

6 Pieces of Promotion Advice for an Indie Author

Merry day after Christmas!

I have had a few ups and downs of late and all the while working on promoting Walker.  This time around I feel I have a better grasp of this. So here are a few things I know about promotion. 

1. You need a FB at this time. A lot of promotion goes on, on Facebook. I post on my page at least twice a day. Something I really like are Flash giveaways. I get a lot of traffic. And some interactions with readers. 

2. Twitter - It's a fast means of communication. And it's really easy for friends to retweet your links which spreads your reach a just a little more. And with self-promotion - a little more goes a long way. 

3. Blog friends - Establish relationships with bloggers. They get traffic. AND 

4. Blog tour - setting up your own blog tour is hard. You need quality reviews and bloggers to help spread the word, people who are going to post for you - see number 3. 

5. A group of writing friends - sometimes you need advice, to rant, or someone to feel your emotions (pain and happiness). Thanks Dashers!

6. Time - You have to be consistent. It's hard though when you have another job, other responsibilities (kids), and trying to write your next novel. 

What are some things you think are key for an indie author? 

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