Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sunday Series (4) Night Shade Series

Remember the big vampire trend? Yeah I am a vamp lover - have you read my first book? But like all trends your tastes changes, and I jumped on the werewolf (shapeshifter) trend.

Andrea's series is about a girl named Calla who, within the first pages, bites a boy names Shay. Her bite  is to save his life, but she also turns him into a wolf. This is a big no-no for the whole race. But she was drawn to him. And attraction is attraction.

The laws of Calla's pack are pretty clear. There are alphas in each generation. The other wolves have to submit. They are to follow The Keepers and protect what The Keepers find important and do this obediently. As an alpha female, Calla is to marry Ren. Ren in the first book is a cocky, arrogant, but sexy jerk. It's clear that Calla is rebellious and unwilling to follow the rules of the Keepers, just because it's supposed to be that way. Her rebellious side is further prompted by her developing feelings for Shay and figuring out a way to be with him.

But The Keepers aren't who they say they are. And the The Searchers, the sworn enemy of the series, isn't who they say they are. But it throws Calla's world even more off balance.

What I loved about this series:
Ren - yeah this happens to me. The winner of the love story isn't who I want to be the winner. Ren does a lot of maturing in this series. I love his description. And once he gets over that cocky attitude, he actually is very much in love with Calla. This was right before I got over love triangles.

Calla, in a lot of ways, is like Rose Hathaway. She thinks for herself. She isn't afraid of a fight or what to fight for. She acts impulsively at times, but does it with the best of intentions - to save the people she loves. She's smart. She's beautiful. She's a leader.

"Ren watched us as he leaned casually against the table, holding a pair of scissors. I'd never seen a classroom tool look so dangerous."  (Obviously I would start with Ren)

"This is where you belong, Calla.” He pulled me closer, tilting my chin up. “Be with me. Tell me it’s what you want.”
I couldn’t tear my eyes from his. “What I want?”
“Yes. Anything, everything you need, I’ll give you. Always. I promise. Just tell me one thing.”
“That you want this, us.” His voice dropped so low I could barely hear him. “That someday you’ll love me.”
My hands began to tremble where they rested around his neck. “Ren, you know we’re going to be together. We’ve both known that for a long time.”
He gave me a hard look. “That’s not what I’m talking about.”
“Why are you asking me this?” I tried to pull back, but he held me against him.
The glimmer of a smile appeared on his lips. “Why not?”
My temper flared. “Are you trying to say that you love me?”

"Silas?" I glanced from Ren to the mad-haired scholar. "He was your company?" 
"Still jealous?" Ren winked at me. 
"I was not jealous," I said. 
"Really?" Ren said. "So that harpy-ish tone was your normal speaking voice?" 

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