Sunday, June 9, 2013

Series Sunday (3)

My intentions when I started this Series Sunday was to only post Series that were done. But the TOO FAR series is almost done as of tomorrow, so I feel I can publish this one now. 

Holy cow. 

I found this series through my dear friend Komal. I had just read her wonderful novel Impossible (Sigh) and I wanted to read some contemporary novels like hers. She told me about the fabulous Abbi Glines. 

FALLEN TOO FAR was the first of all Glines books that I picked up and then didn't put down.  The series follows a young woman, who just graduated, lost her mom to cancer, her twin sister died when she was young, and is now going to live with her father who walked out on her family after her sister's death. Yeah, hard life, except, her welcome to this new home is anything but. 

Her father isn't there 
Her stepsister hates her
It's not actually her father's house
She's not welcome by the owner of the house 
And her new step-brother Rush is less than likable - hot, but a jerk. 

All within the first few pages people.

So what happens eventually is Rush lets Blair live with him and come to find out, Rush isn't "immune" to Blaire's innocence. Believe me, he tries for the first novel, to be cold and distant and cruel, but Rush Finlay is intoxicating. Like delicious. And if he treated me the way he did Blaire, I wouldn't have stayed away either. All in the first book and talk about a surprise ending - POOR BLAIRE. 

Book 2 - Well, lets say there are some consequences to a steamy and sexy romance. 

Book 3 - June 10th! Buying it on my first official day of maternity leave. 

What I love about this series:
Rush! He's hott! HOTT! And sexy. He blunders through everything with Blaire and I mean everything. He screws it up and then has to fix it. Then there is the whole extremely loyal to his baby sister. She's a witch, but it is his sister. 

While I love the characters, I do. Rush is it for me. 

I love the third cover because of a tattoo and a ponytail. LOVE

What do you love about this series? Are you going out tomorrow to buy it? Who is your favorite character?

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