Monday, October 24, 2011

7x7= Thanks Steph!

7x7= Thanks Steph!

My friend Steph over at The Non Sequitur Ramblings awarded me this oh, about a month ago. But life has been busy and I could see which way was up but now school has settled down, so I can FINALLY accept the 7x7 award and pass it on. 

The fine print within the award is to share seven past blog articles that fit each category. Then maybe read them. Depends on how bad you're trying to procrastinate. Lastly, I am to slap this award onward to seven other people.

Most Beautiful: While I love books, writing,and anything related, there are two characters that I love the most in this world: Fergie and Mia, my pups. This post is when I first introduced them into you!

Most Helpful: I am torn. I have some helpful posts for others and I have posts that I think after I wrote out everything, things became clear to me. So I am going to go with what works for me... (flipped a coin) So here is a post about Rose and Luce where I got to know what I looked for in a female protagonist.

Most Popular: I chose not to pick anything with a contest. This one came from the writer's campaign. It's my flash fiction piece. Check it out! I tried to be funny!

Most Controversial: Um? I dunno. I guess I always try to be really PC. OK. So yeah. Nothing controversial so I picked something that people could be split about. It's a post where I asked my followers if they like happy endings or heartbreaking ones.

Most Surprisingly Successful:
 It was one of my first Follow Friday Memes. The question runs along the lines of "what would you do if zombies attacked." I got to feature some advice from my students and starts to let my sense of humor come into play into my blogging.

Most Underrated: TIGER'S CURSE BOOK POST! People. ONE OF THE BEST BOOK EVER!  Why didn't you give me feed back. So go here, now. Thanks.

Most Prideworthy: It's a bit self-centered. BUT a fellow blogger, gave me my first award and I was just really taken a back by getting an award. It let me know someone was paying attention to me. It also gave me a chance to say thank you to people who had help me grow. It was during this post that I realized, I was growing, getting better, and really networking like I had hoped to. Here it is.

Who will be the next seven victims in this count by numbers meme?

  • Diana at The Lovely Getaway. I love this girl. I often call her my book soul mate. We are that intuned to each other's tastes in books.
  • Melissa at My world in words and pages. She super helpful, resourceful, and always pulls me away from reading YA. I need it every now and then and she always has great books on her blog. 
  • Kamol at In which I write nonsensically. She's my writing focused blogging buddy. We have developed a great friendship where we can be honest about the writing process with each other.
  • Lulu at The Bookworm is here! Lulu and I are just starting to get to know each other and I love how "alive" her posts are. They are so energetic. 
  • Saba @ Of Thoughts and Words and I are putting on a New Author Book hop together. Her ambition to help new authors out is great. If you are a new author and want to sign up for the hop...head over to her blog.
  • Lindy at Lindy Legends and Other Such Nonsense is another ambitious writer I have met on the blog world. She currently is hyped up for November. Why you ask? Because it's the National Writing month.
  • Logan - at Logan E. Turner is my last but certainly not least. She always has great new books and like Melissa forces me out of my comfort zone of YA.  Check her out folks for something inspiring.

Enjoy folks and check out my top 7!


  1. This is such a cool award :D Thanks for choosing me as a victim <3 lol :) Well, I'm off to check out your posts... look for my comments on them!

  2. I love this post idea! And it is one to take some work to pull together, but so true. :) Thank you for the lovely and kind words. So glad I can be helpful and can pull you away from YA reads too. ;) Although, I seem to be stuck in the YA books lately myself (and enjoying it!). lol. Thank you! I'm going to take some time but I want to do this one as well. Thank you!!