Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Writer's Block - Yikes

Yeah, friends, I have got it and I have got it bad.
I had Columbus Day Office. (Thanks Chris) I had a big, fat nothing to do and I decided to write (I know this is starting out as a bad story -it's only going to get worse) and I sat down to my Mac and I got this.

That's my body's imprint after I ran smack into my writer's block. 

So some of you might be saying: She's has had writer's block for two days? Big Whoop. 

I get that - BUT I looked back on the last two weeks and what I happened to write - oh it's ugly. It would resemble this.

Yeah - Scary and ugly.  So it's been here that little infectious disease that cripples a writer to want to cry - yeah, for those of you have never had to deal with it, it is that bad. 

So my question to my writer friends - what do you do to get over it? Some tips and tricks would be great! 


  1. Music helps and can be a great place to start. And usually before I go to be, I think about the story I've written so far and every aspect about their character. This usually works for me. :)

  2. A lot of times when I feel like I just can't write. I begin to focus on other things about the book.

    Usually I jot down a new story line, or a better description of my characters. Or I play a game where I write down what my character is wearing when they walk into the room.

    Then it helps me still focus on my book, but not feel guilty for not writing.

  3. You have come to the right person! *opens arsenal of tips and tricks - I imagine my "arsenal" to be a giant safe stock full of writer's block remedies, located in my dark, seedy and imaginary basement*

    Ok, first of all, put your story away before you do some serious damage to it. This is the phase where you can write just for the sake of writing and dig yourself into a deep hole.

    Now, write something else. Write something new and different or something relevant to your story.

    Get out of the house, or the office, or wherever you are. Go and do something un-writerly (yes, Michelle, I know I am just making up words here) and clear your head. Go to the park and lie in the grass but do something other than think about your story. It's weird how you can get the best ideas for your story when you just relax.

    Music can also help, as can reading a book by an author who inspires you. My personal favourite is Richelle Mead :D

  4. Ugh. I've been struggling with editing block. I don't have a solution beyond keeping at it. Very. Very. Slowly. Every. Day.

    Broke through yesterday, but it took nearly 10 days.

  5. Michelle, when I can't figure out what's next, I skip that part and write something later in the story. Or I take the part I'm trying to work through and write it from a different point of view just to get a secondary (or minor) character's perspective.

    Hope your wall tumbles down soon.