Saturday, August 27, 2011

Survey - What's your favorite part?

When we read, we go on a journey. Well, for me its the moment I see the cover that my brain first starts to wander and wonder about the story. And to have a good story you need multiple, great components, but there are certain things in a story that mean something more to us, lure us in more. So I am asking you what really draws you in. Is it:

The moment the breath-taking
female/male character that walks
in and everyone (including yourself) swoons?

The set-up of the story -
the dark, deserted, musty smelling, old
attic that creeps you out and draws you in?

The about the main character that just
doesn't know when to be quiet or to
walk away? or cannot see what is right
in front of him/her?

(One of my lures) the holy sh@t moment that you
didn't see coming
and changes the whole story for you?

The ending that makes you cry, gasp,
or yearn for more?

Or is it intense emotions felt throughout
the moment?

Maybe it's the writing style:
humor, snarky, cryptic, eloquent, fluid?

What makes it a hit for you? Please let me know and feel free to add moments, components, or items that I didn't include. I know there are about a thousand of them!

Just a reminder, I am hosting a book hop Sept 26th if you are interested in participating, please email me at mf060784 at gmail.


  1. Holy sh@t moments are great along with aching, lingering emotions and powerful endings. But beautiful prose makes the journey worth while.

  2. Definitely the holy sh*t moment! Its the sign of a good book (for me, anyway), and once I hit that paragraph, I can't read quick enough. Sometimes I spend a whole book waiting for a holy sh*t moment, and if it's not there I feel cheated.

  3. Hi! I'm one of your peeps from the third writers platform building campaign. (we need an acronym, that is way too long!) Just dropping by to say hi and see your site! I don't care which moment keeps me in a book, but it better be chock full of them!

  4. It takes a mixture of all of those things, but I do love it when a writer can surprise me. That's a rare thing!

  5. It's a mixture of all of them really, but the writing style has to be fluid and captivating. I also love the holy Sh@t moments.