Friday, August 26, 2011


Book Blogger Hop

“Non-book-related this week!! Do you have

I do!!! I have a Collie named Lady Fergilious and an Italian Mastiff named Mia.

Fergie is 3 years old, has OCD tendencies, loves to be outside, greets you by walking though your legs (it can be awkward when someone new comes over) and is by far the most well behaved dog I have ever met! And while Mia is the bigger dog, Fergie is my alpha and fiercely protective of my boyfriend and me.

When I say Fergie is the most well behaved, I have to say that Mia is the most loving dog I have ever met - it's common for this breed. Mia is going to be 3 in October, has separation anxieties, to the point where she busts through doors to get to us, at 9 o'clock every night, she goes upstairs to bed, with or without me, and if you sit on the floor, she will sit on you.

Both of my dogs appear in my writing. I started a story over two years ago where Mia is involved and my latest idea, Fergie is one of the main characters.

What do you have for pets?


  1. OMG! Your dogs are SO cute! haha. I want a dog really bad but I want to wait till I own my own house hehe.

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  2. I have included my dog in one of my stories, too! I am a new follower through the campaign. I enjoyed reading your blog and getting to knowyou.

  3. I love the look of Collies. But, I'm a cat girl at heart. :D

  4. Your dogs are so cute!!!!!!!!!! I have dogs as well.

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  5. Hello. I, too, am a new follower from The Campaign. I have one dog and two cats. My dog has no tail (hence her rather descriptive name, Stubby) and is gorgeous and follows me around everywhere as I am the only one who walks or feeds her! I am probably more of a cat person (could easily see myself with 50 cats living by myself in my old age, stinking of cat wee!) but really love all animals :)

    Good to connect :)

  6. Love the dogs!!
    I put pics of my two up today as well :)

  7. Awww what CUTE dogs! Old follower stopping by to wish you a wonderful weekend. :)