Sunday, May 1, 2011

ROW80 - 5

I had an OK week this week - I missed Wednesday - I was out all day for softball and teaching.
So for this week:
Sequel - 900 words
New WIP - 0 :(

Totals for the whole time:
Sequel are: 4,000
New WIP: 3,825

I read on someone's blog right when I first started mine that they have set songs that they listen to while writing their WIPs. I have noticed that I do too. I don't always listen to the same ones but there are certain songs that I like to listen to while writing my sequel and they make me feel. So when I want my narrartor to be angry - I listen to the angry songs, or if I want my reader to cry, I play a song that makes me cry. You get the point.
So currently

My songs are
Glitter in the air - Pink - Love
F*in' Perfect - Pink - sad and angry
Firework - Katy Perry - Happy
Teenage dream - Katy Perry - Teenage love and happy
Face down - red jumpsuit apparatus -Angry -
Extremes - Billy Joel - overcoming odds (not really an emotion but you get it)

Do you do this? And if you do, what are your songs (totally going to download them and see what I get out of them!)

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  1. If you are going to miss a day, I can't think of a better reason than softball! Congrats on the work you've gotten done. Keep it up!

  2. Well done on your progress! You did a great job!

    This is going to sound so embarassing but...the song I've been listening to a lot lately right before I write is Tonight I'm Lovin' You (Enrique Iglesias) because I've been trying to get two of my characters to flirt with each other.

  3. oh yes songs for the mood - I range from grand opera (perfect for grand passionate moments of any kind) to country and western ( i have a whole stash for true love etc) with everything in between!

  4. Progress is progress so you should feel good about that. I also like listening to music to get inspired to work on my WIP. I like your picks!