Monday, May 2, 2011

It's Mia's turn! Blog about your dog Monday

I love this part of my Monday's...though if I was on top of my game, I would write it on Sunday...but, IM NOT! I steal this from Lindsay Writers

Mia is a cuddler. She has to be as close as she possibly can to you...she sits on my lap if I sit on the floor, she puts her mouth on my hand, she is always sneaking up on furniture to lay next me. I allow my dogs to sleep at the bottom of the bed, and this week I rolled over and there she was...head on the pillow, under the covers, she was human. And in true Mia fashion, I said her name, she opened her eyes for all of two seconds, and went back to sleep. I have no idea how she managed to get under the covers and me not wake up!

This is a picture of her laying next to me as I read blog after blog....Mind you, SHE IS HUGE!


  1. My Elmo does the same thing. My husband is out of town this week, so he and Seamas will be allowed to sleep in my bed. Luckly Elmo is the smaller dog, so hogging a pillow and looking me in the eye is not so bad, Seamas on the other hand is 75 lbs of pure bassett!! Short stocky, and heavy as a brick.

  2. It's so cute when they do that and then give you a look as if to say, "Whaaat? I belong here!"

    It's pretty cold in Sydney at the moment so I let my dogs get away with it...ok, fine, so I usually let them get away with it anyway :D

  3. love your doggie and thanks for linkin to me again! i got my package with Born at Midnight. thankss!!! =]

  4. i can't see mia's face in this picture :\ my computer must be acting up again! booo! either way, give little ms. mia a big belly scrub on my behalf :)

  5. Aw, she is so cute :)

    I think The Heretic's Daughter would work well with The Crucible, as the central crucible characters do pop up every now and again in the narrative. It looks at the same trials from a different perspective.

  6. Awww, you have a love bug there. :) I know my one shepard is more of a love bug with me too. She loves to cuddle and be with me.