Friday, May 13, 2011

Follow and Hop

Book Blogger Hop

This week's question is:

"Are you going to Book Expo America (BEA) and/or the Book Blogger Convention (BBC) this year?"

Sadly, not yet. I would love to. There is one in my area (Western New York) tomorrow but my mom bought me tickets to go see Wicked! I am excited about it but I wish that I was going to the Teen Book Festival! It looks awesome. Maybe next year. Has anyone gone to this one? Does anyone know of any in the Cleveland, Pittsburgh or Buffalo area?

The Blogger Apocalypse made me a little emotional. What is the most emotional scene in a book that you have read lately?

I would have to say it was from Neal Shusterman's Unwind - I about died when they unwound one of the characters and took my "new boyfriend" to do the same to him! It was well-written and I was so angry as it was happening. What's yours?

And was anyone super annoyed by blogger being down? Completely disrupted my day!


  1. I'm not going either. Wish I was!

  2. Hi, I'm a new follower! I'm also a teacher, currently teaching science, but want to be a librarian. And just tested to try to get certified to teach English, especially since most of the English teachers at my school wonder why I don't teach that instead of science as much as I love to read and write. Look forward to reading your blogs! Hope you'll come check my blog out as well.

  3. Blogger being down put a serious kink in my Friday (and my Wednesday-Thursday). Waking up to that and discovering I was out of coffee and toilet paper put me in a funky mood this morning. But everything is better now! (Still out of coffee though.)

    I am so jealous that you get to go see Wicked! I hope it comes my way again soon (Florida). Did you read the book? I'm curious to see how similar the book and the play really are.

    BTW... I teach MS English. I hope to move to HS English next year. (sigh) New follower from FF.

  4. Hopping through. New follower! Lucky you to go to Wicked! I went to it once and loved it.
    My Hop

  5. Yes, blogger going down was a real pain. It has really put me behind getting stuff done this weekend. I have a HUGE editing job, I need to finish soon! Oh well! ;) Such is life!
    New follower via the hop!

    Nicki J Markus

  6. Blogger ruined my day. I have a system and it is all mess. Oh well, I'm just glad it is back up. I'm not going to any book conferences either.

  7. Hey, everyone stopping by! I followed everyone who followed me! (Thanks for that) and I am really excited to see a bunch of you are teachers and writers :) Have a great weekend!