Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year - New Goals! - 2014

My 2013 was pretty dang awesome. Really awesome. 

2014 - what do I have planned?

I am going to release Gone - a contemporary YA about a girl named Tess who gets her heart broken and isn't capable of dealing with it on her own. She relies on some old friends and a family member to get her through, even though she fights it at first. (amped up blurb to come)

I am GOING to FINALLY publish my sequel to The Owens Legacy. Yeah - it's been awhile and the manuscript is almost done.  This novel is told from Ryder's POV and was a lot of fun. 

I am going to continue posting on Facebook and try and get back to blogging more. 

If I can do these three things, and be a momma, and a teacher - I think I will be doing pretty good! 

What about you? What are you goals this year? 

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  1. Ooo, glad to hear sequel to The Owens Legacy will be coming. :)

    And you are going to be a great mom. :) Have a great year!