Monday, January 6, 2014

My turn on the Walker Book Tour!

Inspiration is a hard thing to talk about. But my friend Erica brought it up to me and I thought I would talk about my inspiration for Walker.

I can say it was a giant miss mash of ideas.

I originally saw a dialogue between Kate and Jesse. And thought that could be something. Then my collie walked into the room and she's a great example of what a good dog is. (I have a mastiff too - equally as good). So I thought - Fergie should be forever immortalized among pages.

But I LOVE LOVE LOVE paranormal. It's hard for not to put something paranormal or supernatural in to my stories. I mean who doesn't love a vampire or a telepath? So I had to think about something that isn't done often.

Know what popped into my head? Freddy Krueger. Dude - he is scary! You can fight him - he's in your dreams. Then my idea was born. Serial killer - dream walker. But seriously - look at Freddy's face. Blah. I knew immediately where I wanted to go with that story arc, but there was this whole other piece missing to my story - Kate's real life.

This took awhile - I wanted a conflict of love interest - Colton. I wanted a queen bee - because it's fun to be mean fictionally. I wanted a friend who was out-spoken - a little vulgar. Elise. That story arc developed as I wrote. I really wasn't sure how I was going to have that part of the story end - it just did. Does that sound bad?

Anyway - thanks for stopping. Enter and tweet about my giveaway and you can meet my inspirations!

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