Friday, January 10, 2014

Gone Soundtrack

Music! Do you hear the music? Not to sound crazy but I hear a soundtrack as much as I hear the dialogue of my characters in my head.

I'm currently working on a contemporary WIP titled Gone.  It's my first crack at this genre, well second,  I don't know. I wrote the basis of the story about six years ago and am pulling it out now.

It's about a girl named Tess Walters. She's been in a high school relationship for three years and her life is routinely perfect. Until her boyfriend Alec becomes her ex boyfriend Alec and her world is whipped away from her. She can't function. She cries. She fights. She's mean. She cannot deal.

She does have a few people in her corner once she takes a breath. They help her.

But - I have a soundtrack I wanted to share with you.

1. Taylor Swift - White Horse (pains me but it's true.)
2. Unanswered Prayers by Garth Brooks
3. Please Don't Leave Me - Pink (because I have her on every writing sound track
4. Part of me by Katy Perry
5. With or Without You - U2
6. Mama's Broken Heart - Miranda Lambert
7. And Still - Reba McEntire
8. Why They Call It Falling - LeeAnn Womack
9. Bring on the Rain - Jodee Messina
10 Defying Gravity - Wicked Soundtrack

Sappy and melodramatic - just the way I like it.

These ten songs are somewhere in my playlist.

What's your favorite current song? or favorite sappy song?


  1. Love the list... all really great stuff here... I'm impressed you can write to music. I wish I could!

  2. Fun to see your list- lots of different types of artists! I listen to a lot of Pandora, so things are mixed up and I get introduced to new artists. I love music when I write!

  3. Thanks for commenting ladies! Music is essential when I write!