Thursday, July 26, 2012

Wrecked by Anna Davies

Ever since the death of her parents, Miranda has lived on Whym Island, taking comfort in the local folklore, which claims a mysterious sea witch controls the fate of all on the island and in its surrounding waters. Sometimes it’s just easier to believe things are out of your control.     

But then a terrible boating accident takes the lives of several of her friends, and Miranda is rescued by a mysterious boy who haunts her dreams. Consumed by guilt from the accident, she finds refuge in late-night swims—and meets Christian, a boy who seems eerily familiar, but who is full of mystery: He won’t tell her where he is from, or why they can only meet at the beach. But Miranda falls for him anyway…and discovers that Christian’s secrets, though meant to protect her, may bring her nothing but harm.     

Seductive and compelling, Wrecked brings a contemporary, paranormal twist to a classic enchanting tale.
So I'm on a bit of a mermaid kick. So suggestions, please suggest.

I thought, the concept of this book was great. I like the idea that there isn't just mermaids, that there are different races of merfolk. I like that Christian doesn't "transform" his figure. I like Sephie because she's a witch - and I meant to but a "b" in front of that.

Miranda's got a pretty good life. She's not quit comfy in it, but she's got good friends, a hottie of a bf, is a soccer all-star, but she's got a painful past. Her parents died in a car accident, and she's always felt a little apart from everyone. I think it was in her head. However, after the boating accident, the one in which Christian doesn't know why he saves Miranda, Miranda really is set apart. This was my problem with the story. I get why Fletch's parents aren't big fans of her. I get that Grey's a royal pain in the arse. However, for the whole school, to treat her so terribly, including the adults didn't sit well with me. As a teacher, I know how my school, would react. In times like that, are there the jerks, yes, but for the most part, people ban together. I get that Miranda was supposed to have it tough so why she turns to Christian so willingly.

I liked Christian's POV more than I did Miranda's and when we were in the water world, I felt more comfortable as a reader in that setting. I think Christian is one of those selfless characters, pure of heart, and noble. You know, the kind of stuff dreams are made of.

Is there going to be a second one of these or is it a stand alone?


  1. Hmmm, this is one I've heard either a) great things about or b) terrible things about. I'm thinking it's a library read, so that if I DO like it, I can buy it, and if I DON'T, I won't have wasted any money. Christian sounds pretty swoon-worthy though!

    1. I got it from the lib too, otherwise I would loan it to you. It was a decent read and Christian was the best part of the book.