Saturday, July 21, 2012

I'm dreaming of a ... (this is where you come fill in the blanks)

SOME GREAT NEWS (well, for me.) I finished the first draft of The Owens Legacy: Redemption.  *Insert happy dance* So what happens now for me? I gave it to Nadine to read. She'll tell me if it sucks  and then help me fill in some gaps, start picking out some inconsistencies, and get the editing process moving. So what will I be doing? Taking a break from the twins! They have been just dominating all of my time lately. I am actually going to work on the dream walking WIP.

On Thursday, I sat down to do some writing for this WIP, I re-read my notes and some scenes that I had already started. It was then time to start writing. And this is what happened:

Just a bunch of really hard thinking with a lot of dead ends. I had a really hard time switching to a new idea, much harder than I had anticipated. I only got 500 words on paper.

What do you do to switch between manuscripts? Do you switch between manuscripts? Tips, please.

OK, what I need from all you blogging friends: I need some dreams from you. My character is going to be walking into people's dreams and I want a wide range and I am hoping you guys can spark some settings for me. I am looking for romantic set-ups, scary/creepy set-ups, bizarre set-ups (unicorns, rainbow raindrops, and Justin Beiber.)  I need you to get creative with me. Please post something you think would make a great dream or email them to me. Anything that pops in your head, is going to be great, and hey - your idea may show up in my book!


  1. It always takes me some time to switch manuscripts. I have to wander aimlessly around the apartment and let the idea that I finished one story settle before I dive into another.

    Last night in my dream I was in a bedroom but instead of 4 walls, there was only 3. What should be the fourth wall was at the edge of a lake and I was watching people paddle in on boats (I was also being a giant brat in the dream but that has nothing to do with the scenery.) The water would get shallow as they approached the room too, like a normal beach, but instead of docking they pulled their boats into the bedroom.

    1. I can wander. Ill give it a try.
      Awesome dream! Thats what im lookin for! Thank you

  2. Yeah! Glad to hear you are through the next Owens book, well, the first draft. :) And Yea, I'm trying to work up the ideas for my next Nano project. Trying to build the world and what's happening at the moment. Lots of notes, and scratches that probably won't work well. But have to start somewhere. Good luck with your next WIP. :)