Sunday, January 1, 2012

Top 5 Part 2

My top five couples of 2011

No particular order

Will and Tessa - from The Clockwork Prince - It is because I have a crush on Will (lets be real I have a crush on all of the guys in this section.) But also I like that fact that kissing and passion is very improper at this time period. It makes it MORE scandalous.

Tris and Four - from Divergent - I like them as individual characters a lot and when they are together, they don't lose themselves to the other. They stay strong and I think Four is very charming but not in the same Will Herondale way, but more Dimitri way.

Ren and Kelsey - Tiger's Curse series - It bugs me that Kelsey doesn't have enough confidence in herself to believe that Ren loves her but I think the seduction involved in this series is amazing - Ren knows how to woo.

Calla and Ren - Nightshade series - OMG A. Cremer please make this love triangle be different from all the others and the original, side guy wins. I love how they are both alphas and the dominance thing add a great element.

Matthew and Diana - A Discovery of Witches - This love was prob more age app. for me. I liked this adult couple because a. the supernatural point, b. the maturity and c. even though they were mature they acted like teenagers. What a great reminder.

Who were your favorite couples?


  1. Honestly, this wasn't a great year of couples for me. Now that Rose and Dimitri's story has ended, I don't know where to go from there.

    I will have to say Lia and Dimitri from the Prophecy of the Sisters series by Michelle Zink and Eugenie and Dorian from Richelle Mead's Dark Swan series.

    I like Tris and Four too but I'll have to read Insurgent to see where their relationship goes next.

  2. Ooh you've read A Discovery of Witches. I haven't, but I REALLY want to. :) And *coughs* Michelle. You don't have Adam and Juliette from Shatter Me! *coughs*

    I'm a Shay/Calla girl at heart but I will agree that Ren/Calla are pretty awesome together!

  3. @Komal - I hadn't read the middle two couples yet - I'll get on it I swear!

    @Molli -I really loved A Discovery of Witches - it was a great read!!! *ducks and hides and yells from far away * I haven't read Shatter Me yet. I know I am working on it. I will :)