Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Um, what's happening to GFC?

OK - So I have seen a lot of this no more GFC following. I think there is a lot of information out there, people are panicking that they are going to lose their followers (Um, I worked hard for mine) and no one (no one being me) knows what is going on. Can someone tell me how this is going to effect people who use blogger, people who do not use blogger, and how are you supposed to follow people now?


So I am not starting out the New Year very well am I? I have been super busy with school. It's been a lot of grading, but things are coming across my desk so that's a good thing. Also, I have been submerging myself in my current WIP. My friend Joe and I have been blocking out hours on certain days to write. It is really forcing me to stay on track and my creativity is just a movin', I tell ya! And because of this I haven't been doing too much reading. I have read The Watson's Go To Birmingham and I am currently readying Stargirl. Both Middle Fiction. Both being used in my classroom. I will be posting those in the next days.


  1. Read this article:

  2. I heard that sites that are hosted by Blogger will keep GFC. Any others will not have GFC available to them.

  3. OK - so since I have blogger - My friends are going no where? Is this just a ploy for more people to use blogger?