Monday, January 16, 2012

Polishing your novel

I started The Owens Legacy: Revelations two and half years ago (I think). It started the process by writing different scenes and sending it to a friend for her comments, then she kind of fell off the writing bandwagon and I got super protective of my writing. No one read it until I had "finished" it.

Ellen read it - she made it more well-rounded and pointed out GIANT wholes I had in the story.

Cody - followed the same suit with a bit more grammar involved.

I think I am doing good at this point - not to much longer.
*Bahahahahahahaha* right.

Nadine gets her hands on. And read it twice - both times making huge changes throughout and catching more mistakes in my writing - Um - wasn't I supposed to be good at writing?

Nadine sent it on to Marie - and with all of her edits, well you would really think I had no skills. None.

Then it went back to Nadine.

Then it went to:
and Joe

OH MY GOD! Am I done yet?

I know I have a good story. I know that I know how to write a story. I know I know grammar.
But the process is brutal. I constantly have to remind myself that my dream is to be published in hard cover. But some days that doesn't ease my frustration.

How do you cope with the constant critique? How do you keep your head up? Who do you trust to edit for you?

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  1. Thanks for this post. It gives me an idea of what I'm in for.

    You are the only person I trust with my novel at the moment. :)