Saturday, December 31, 2011

My Top Five Part 1

Happy New Year's to all my blogging friends! I am so happy that I got to know all of you! If you haven't noticed, I have been a bit MIA - I got my first sinus infection - man did it suck - and because of that I didn't have much of a head for reading. 

For my wrap up I am going to do this in parts of my top five faves for 2011. This post will include my top five fave books and my top five fave male leads in TV in no particular order.

I was super interested in this series but because I had read Clockwork Angel first and was worried that the Mortal instrument series would ruin it for me. Not the case and super sad I didn't dive in immediately. Hello Jace.

OH MY GOD! If you have not read this... go do it. The world Roth created was awesome. I loved all of her characters. I CANNOT wait for Insurgent to come out. This may be my favorite read of the year.

This was the first ebook of the year for me and after reading it, I immediately bought the other two. I thought it was a great change of pace instead of vampires and werewolves (though I love them). Who knew Trolls could be hott?

Another great paranormal - wait - is this paranormal?  Another great change of pace and a great introduction to me about the Indian culture. Houck create a great world of myth for us to see and also some sizzling scenes.

This book was slow to start for me. In fact, my friend Karen had suggested it to me and I tried but put it down. I read it about mid-May and was instantly sad that I hadn't read it before. What a fantastic dystopia. The unwinding process scene - OMG. And did you know Shusterman is going to be doing a sequel? I know - heaven-sent.

On to my top fave guys on TV.

Sheldon  Cooper -how I love your quirky-ness and your catch phrase - Bazinga

I have been a CSI nut for awhile and nothing takes the place of Nick for me :) SO HOTT
 This was a new find for me this year though - he is not. Anyone remember him from the TV series Angel?
Sexy. (That's all I have to say.)

OK - so there is two of them. I know. But I can't separate the two hottest vamp actors. I can't.  Don't hate.


  1. I just started the Mortal Instruments series and am loving it! I also LOVED Divergent!!!! Also, Sheldon Cooper is the best character on TV ever!! I can't get enough of him!!

  2. I've got to add a few of those books to my TBR list. And I agree with you about Sheldon. :) You can keep the two hot vamp actors if I can have the Winchester brothers from Supernatural!

    Happy New Year!

  3. *coughs* Michelle, you forgot Dean Winchester. Since you don't want him then I guess he's all mine :D

    Stefan, Damon, Stefan, Damon, Stefan, Damon, Stefan, Damon. *closes eyes and points randomly* DAMON! Okay, it wasn't a random choice. I love Damon. Dark, psychotic and hot characters are my fave!

    Great choice of books too!

  4. Happy New Year!! :)

    I've only read one of these!?! Hard to believe. I do have a few of the others on my lsit to get. :) Sounds like an amazing list here. :)

  5. @ Somer - Let me know what you think of the Mortal Instrument series when you are done!
    @ Komal and Christine - I know I forgot the Winchester boys - I didn't mean to. But they have been part of my life for so long now - Dean, however, is my favorite.
    @Melissa - have a great new reading year - Let me know what you think of my top choices if you get to them!