Friday, December 9, 2011


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This Friday's Question:
Book to Movie: Which book turn movie do you feel did the best adaptation? What about the worst?

My Answer: 


Best - THe Outsiders and The Crucible. I can watch both of these movies constantly. I actually can recite the books and movie lines. I love The Outsiders because it's not all "movie-fake" It's a bunch of teens and I just showed the movie to my 8th grade. THEY LOVED IT. As for The Crucible - I love the drama of the play and the movie - when I hear Daniel Day Lewis say some of his lines, I get chills. 

Worst - He's Just Not That Into You. I read this book with a friend right after I got dumped. The book totally made me laugh. Yes I did find that I was "that girl" in some cases. The movie - holy depressing. It wasn't enjoyable at all.


  1. Oh gosh - thanks for reminding me about the book He's Just Not That Into You - I wanted to read it and then it totally slipped my mind. Sucks that the movie wasn't good!

  2. I've never watched the Crucible (or read it.) I need to add both of those to my list. Thanks!

    My Monday Memories post next Monday is on The Outsiders!

  3. I actually liked He's Just Not That Into You. I thought the movie was cute :)