Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Scandalous Proposition by Wendy Soleman

Hampshire, 1809

When a beautiful woman bursts into Lord Adam Fitzroy's room at an inn seeking refuge, he assists her. His curiosity is piqued when he later spots her entering the local house of ill repute. The next day he is shocked when his mother introduces the woman as her new paid companion. His mother adores Florentina, so Adam agrees to keep her nightly activities a secret…on one condition: she must spend one wicked night with him.

Florentina Grantley is both scandalized and intrigued at the prospect, but she worries that the dashing war hero will quickly discern her lack of experience. True, she's no innocent—but she's a widow, not a whore. Yet she can't explain the true reason behind her alliance with the brothel's madam, or the danger she faces if exposed.

As their initial tryst grows into something deeper, the stakes become higher. What will Adam do when he discovers Florentina's deception?

I can't seem to help loving historical romances. I love the 1800's in England. Why, I'm not sure but this book fit the mold with a few differences than the normal trends that are seen throughout romance novels.

Adam starts out very sweet and honorable when he comes to Florentina's rescue within the first four pages of the book. I don't want to say he is entranced by her from the very beginning but she does have the damsel in distress going on for her, until he finds her a less than reputable house that sees to the pleasure of men. And then it gets worse when he comes home to find out that Florentina is the companion to his noble, loving mother.

And let the scandal begin - he propositions her to sleep with him to keep her secret, except her secret isn't that she sleeps around, and eventually he does figure that out.

Another character, Philippa, Adam's ex-fiance, new sister-in-law is conniving, determined, and a villain. I love when I can hate a character and I hate her. She bullies and threatens adding an element of side danger to Florentina's big problems.


  1. This looks interesting, how have you been?

  2. Hello, I'm popping over from the Campaign. Romance & Beyond, paranormal Romance, category 2. Love historical romance, and A Scandalous Proposition sounds intriguing.

  3. For some reason I can't get into historical reads of any kind. But these always sound good. Thanks for the review!

  4. I love historical romances as well. This is something I would read.

  5. Thanks for the encouraging comments on my latest release. If any of you get to read it, I do hope you enjoy it.

  6. It was a good one! It took me out of this century.
    @Wendy - Thank you for stopping by. I have a few friends who don't blog but enjoy historical romances. I am going to suggest the title to them as well!