Saturday, September 3, 2011

The next step after not finding an agent?

For anyone who started the summer out with me, you know that I have been working on getting my manuscript to an agent and designing the cover with the fabulous Kenzie Mencer of Kaboom photography. You would also know that I have been pursuing both tracks of publishing: the traditional and the ePublishing. I am gaining a bunch of knowledge about both and I feel that I have done well for two months. An agent even asked for my first 35 pages. It's a step, right?

I still have a few more agents to query and then that was when my traditional path kinda stopped in the planning process. Komal sent me a list of a bunch, like 60 ish. There is more out there. I plan to find them. So then what?

I recently signed up for Netgalley, which is away for you to get ARCs digitally. It's great. I had to create a bio and I mentioned my manuscript. A wonderful man named Harrison Demchick from Bancroft Press contacted me to see if he could help answer any questions that I had. It was a pleasant surprise and we sent a few emails back and forth.

The comment that made a lasting impression on me was the fact, as a publisher, he rarely uses agencies. Now I realize this could be the company's preference, but that made me think: My next step is to query publishing houses? Do any of you do this first? Do any of you have an awesome list you want to email me so I can send my manuscript? Do any of you have a different opinion?


  1. I tried publishing houses first, but looking through the list of ones I had only 3 of them accept Manuscripts from people without agents, as I've been rejected from these 3 publishers I'm starting to look at the agent route now.
    I hadn't though of NetGalley - I will look into that.

    Good luck with everything.

  2. my only opinion is that you are smart to pursue both tracks, and the right one will clearly illuminate itself at the appropriate time. i tried the traditional route and now i self publish and have no regrets. but if you can go the traditional route, do it, for sure.
    here from jayne's place.