Monday, September 26, 2011

Falling Into Books Blog Hop Giveaway!

Hey Everyone! Welcome to the Falling into Books Blog hop! A bunch of reading and writing bloggers got together to celebrate fall.

I want to say thanks to all of my friends who are hosting giveaways, participating in the giveaways, and for all the people who taught me about hosting the blog, linky lists, the button, and the overall blog feedback! Notice there was not a linky list - I just don't get it. Below you will find a list to all of the blogs that are participating. Go see them all! They are offering up some awesome gifts!

So what am I giving away?! You have an option of what you can win.

Option 1 You can win a copy of Tiger's Curse by Colleen Houck. It's my current fav series and I encourage everyone to read it.

Option 2 is a twenty page critique for your manuscript. I'm an English teacher and I have practice at editing. I warn you, I'm super honest when I do it.

You tell me what works for you!

What you have to do to enter:
- Must be 13 years of age or older.
- It is international
- You must be a follower
-You must leave me your email address
- You must leave the option you want
I hope you all have a great time on this hop! I am center for the hop, so make sure to come back here to get a chance for all of the giveaways!

Here's the list of all the participants!

Diana at The Lovely Getaway 
Melissa at My Words and Pages
Lindy at Lindy Legends and Other Such Nonsense
Tia at Depression Cookies
Becky at Becky's Barmy Book Blog
Lulu at The Bookworm is here!
Kamol at In Which I Write Nonsensically
Jackie at My Ever Expanding Library
Molli at Once Upon A Prologue
Bastard at Bastard Books and other crap
Nellie at The Scribbling Pen
Amanda at Amanda's Writing
Saba at Of Thoughts and Words
Melissa at The Guardian Blogger
k. liz barker at Just a word in this story called life


  1. I'd love to win Tiger's Curse, I know Diana loved it!
    I'm definitely a new follower :)
    m_laura28 at yahoo dot ca

  2. I adore the cover of Tiger's Curse - it's so pretty! Please put me in hat for option 1. :)

    I'm a new follower,

  3. It was nice and crisp this morning so I can actually believe it's finally fall. Can't wait for more overcast mornings to wake up reading!

    I guess I'll be a rebel and say option 2.


  4. Great giveaways! You said we can enter each other's giveaway's right? Well then I'll go for Tiger's Curse (Just finished it and would die to have a personal copy!)

  5. I'd love to win a copy of Tiger's Curse! Thanks so much for the giveaway! :)


  6. thanks for this great giveaway ! I would love to win Tiger's curse.


  7. I want "Tiger's curse"
    I am a gfc follower as Kainshottie

  8. Tiger's Curse looks awesome! Thanks for putting this together for us Michelle!

  9. I would love to win a copy of Tiger's Curse as I am a reader, but not a writer :) Awesome hop, Michelle!!

    GFC follower

    jwitt33 at live dot com

  10. Thank you for the book. I'm a GFC follower. I would love to win Tiger's Curse.

    jlynettes @ hotmail . com

  11. I'd Love Tiger's Curse!
    GFC follower, manderzizawsome @ gmail .com

  12. I wanted to say the 20 page critique but I guess I can get that any time so I'm going to say Tiger's Curse because it looks so interesting.

    Thanks for organising an awesome hop, Michelle!

  13. Michelle, you are too awesome for words! this blog hop is so much fun! :) Count me in for Tiger's Curse! I read it via ebook and would love to get me a hardcopy :)


  14. Thank you so much! I would like to enter for Tiger's Curse. The critique sounds wonderful but I haven't finished my manuscript yet. :(


  15. Thanks for this giveaway! The critique sounds awesome, though I'm not a writer. That's a fantastic prize option, though.

    I'd love a copy of Tiger's Curse! Sign me up, please. :)

    jaime.des.livres (at)

  16. I'm a GFC follower. ;)
    I'd love to read Tiger's Curse.

    thank you for the chance!

    kah_cherub at hotmail dot com

  17. Hi, I'm a new follower and campaigner. I would love to receive a 20 page critique from you :) But think I will go and get Tiger's Curse out from the library, as it seems very popular.

  18. Thank you for the giveaway and hop!
    Option 1
    GFC follower as Diana

    artgiote at gmail dot com

  19. I'd love a critique but starting a massive re-write actually has me back at page 0. So if there's a deadline on when you can critique, I'll go with Tiger's Curse instead. Both great options though, thanks for doing a giveaway :)


  20. Both options are great but it's hard to pass up a critique. Thanks!

    New follower.


  21. Hey everyone! Thanks for stopping by! Good luck!

  22. Hey Michelle! Great giveaway. :) And thanks for the fun of doing it.

    I'd love to enter to win Tiger's Curse. :) You've really loved this one and I'm curious. Thank you!


  23. Awesome giveaway! I keep walking past this series at the bookstore, and I mean to buy it. Sounds really cool!

    GFC: elizabeth OR elisquared

    Thanks for the giveaway,

    eliweibley AT gmail DOT com

  24. Thanks for the international giveaway! I would like Tiger's Curse. Love the cover!


  25. I would like the first option, tiger's curse please. thank you.
    emilymeimei204 AT yahoo DOt com

  26. thanks for the giveaway ^^
    i would want option 1.
    Gfc: Yto

    witchvela at web dot de

  27. I would love to win Tiger's Curse.


  28. Thanks for entering everyone! It's now closed!