Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Male and female authors and love relationships

Clearly, I love a good love story. I love all the cliches
  • The forbidden love
  • The love triangle 
  • The best friend who you had no idea loved you 
  • The guy is such a jerk to me 75% of the time but hello other 25%
  • The I'm a vampire, werewolf, demon, ghost, angel or any other supernatural creature and I want to kill you half of the time 
  • The I am stuck working with this idiot but wait, he's kind of good looking. 
I am guilty. Go on, raise your hand if you are like me. I see you in the back there. 

That being said, have you ever noticed the difference between love relationships and interests written by men and by women? I am not lumping everyone into this, but it's a majority. Women delve into the relationship, chapters about sweet kisses and thoughtful embraces. But men? Not so much. 

Great examples are now coming.
We will start with one of my faves - Neal Shusterman's Unwind - Connor and Risa develop a relationship but half way through the book, I wasn't sure if they were interested in each other. It was subtle, and then at the end, they share this really romantic moment. PS They never kiss and I love it still. Super pumped for the relationship in the sequel

And then you have the fab Cassandra Clare's Mortal Instrument series. - Jace and Clary share fiery kiss after fiery kiss. Like I find myself swooning and I am not being kissed. This relationship is super intense and begins forming from the beginning and continues along wonderfully. 

So guys, what's the deal? 

Can you pick your favorite romantic couples - one has to be a boy author and the other has to be a girl author.

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  1. I always wondered why I liked authors who treated relationships more like the male authors you described (except somehow this lumps Diana Wynne Jones and Jerry Pournelle together). It's the subtle twist at the end that puts the characters together when you least expect it and somehow it still feels right.