Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What makes a good female protagonist?

I am looking for some feedback.

I love a strong female protagonist. I like them to be snarky, confident, and outgoing. The word vivacious comes to mind. I like it when their fault is they are irrational, I think it makes it easier to write about and leads characters down unexpected paths.

Pet Peeve in female characters - the "I don't think I am pretty" fault or the "I don't know why he is with me" fault. I want to ask them "Didn't your parents, guardians, grandparents, anyone tell you were pretty when you were little?" and come one girls know how to size each other up.

But what about you? What do you like in a female character? Even though I stated my Pet Peeve you may like that in the character. I am very curious as to why you do.


  1. I love sarcastic characters in general. Maybe they would be called quirky? Dunno... I also like the strong, independent girl types. I can't stand reading about girls that whine and seem needy. That is a HUGE disappointment in books and in real life.

  2. I like the strong type who know ( or think they know) who they are. But then get to see the other things in the world. Not one that is blind to the world, just a little guided. But can change slowly, not to fast. And still carry her own everywhere.

  3. I think there is a very very thin line between sympathetic protagonists who have self-confidence issues/that sort of thing, and grow over the course of the book, and female leads who tend to fall more into the "Oh woe is me, why do all these boys love me?" category. That's a big disappointment of mine, too, when the girl is pretty/talented and just will NOT see it.

    I love fierce protagonists, females who know what they want out of life but aren't afraid to admit when they need a little bit of help. Women who will speak their mind but also have a soft side. : )

  4. i think you explained it perfectly.. I totally agree with you..

    I need a strong female lead or else I wont love the book.

    Here's my list that exemplify

    Rose Hathaway: need I say more
    Katniss Everdeen: lead a revolution
    Katsa: never to scared of any man

  5. Great feedback ladies. I am glad to hear that what I want in a female is what others are looking for. Also it helps me with my writing!! Thank you!