Friday, July 15, 2011


Who's ready for the weekend?! I know I am! I'm introducing a new feature for Fridays to re-cap the week's posts & to propose a question for my followers. Feel free to get involved by linking up at the bottom. If not, I'd love to read your responses in the comments. Thanks!

This Friday's Question:

Book Blogger Appreciation: Which book blogs have inspired you
or made a difference in your blogging experience?

There are three blogs that have made my blogging experience but there are also a few honorable mentions as well :)

Diana over at The Lovely Getaway has a blog that talks about books and her travels. Her reviews are insightful and I love it when she gets angry at her books - her comments make me laugh out loud - like a for real LOL. She recently went on a trip to Egypt and posted about that. It was exciting and fresh to see. I do have to add my favorite think that she has posted is her video with the llama.

Melissa over at My world in words and pages -I think Melissa and I have a (currently) different style of books we are in love with right now and its a great thing because she is keeping me off my one-track mind syndrome. I can always rely on her for a good comment and I hope she feels the same. She also has read my manuscript and gave awesome feedback. Has anyone every edited a manuscript? It's not really fun, but she did it.

Kamol over at In Which I Write Nonsensically and I are writing critique bodies. I believe the way we came to "meet" was through Diana actually. But we are both writers looking to get published so we are kinda in line to get on the rollercoaster together. The rollercoaster is called "Publishing Monster - the ride of your life." Anyway, Kamol is super supportive and we always came each other laugh.

In no particular order - my honorable mentions
Lindsay at Lindsay Writes


  1. This list of blogs is new to me but I will definitely be checking them out! Great TGIF response :)

  2. Thanks for sharing your list. Loik forward to checking them out. My TGIF
    Amy @

  3. Thanks for the mention! Your blog had definitely been a big part of my blogging experience too!