Sunday, June 5, 2011


I did some writing after Wednesday's post - I am going to focus today and do some more. I have actually scheduled my whole Sunday with an hour of writing in there!!

Sequel - 1,126.
Dream walking - 76 (it was more brainstorming)

Totals for the whole time:
Sequel are: 8,626
New WIP: 4,1201

I actually need to go look back and see what my original goal was. I know I'm behind so maybe I will reschedule and write for two hours?

Curious to the ROW80 people - where do you look or how do you find agents to Q?

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  1. brianstorming of some kind is important - release all the imagination life has to keep under wraps(lest we locked up!) in your head or on paper it's amazing what can result - looks like you're still in there - hope it is happy sunday for you- best of luck for next week - keep smiling