Monday, June 6, 2011

Blog about your dog Monday

I haven't been posting about my dogs, but I'm going to get back on it. This post is about my Mia and for those of you who don't know, Mia has separation problems.

Premise: I got home from work and let both dogs out side and about five minutes later, Mia is coming down my second floor steps. At first I thought I was nuts because I thought I had let her out but then I knew I had. So I am going to show you the adventure Mia went on to get in my house (Side note - I bought a foreclosure, so it needs work -it's 4,000 square feet and has a lot of staircases)

Mia started here and went down the basement steps from outside

She goes up these stairs into the second kitchen and two more rooms

Up these stairs

Crosses into our side that is finished. That's her by the way.

And goes down these steps

To end up here.

That's my girl....

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  1. Mia is a smart dog :)haha! foreclosure of 4,000 square feet? lucky girl! congrats on the new buy!