Thursday, June 16, 2011

And I want to send out some love

I want to say thank you to my school's librarian Judy. She and I have a wonderful working relationship and an even better book relationship. We always seem to love the same thing, much like Diana and I do.

She came to me at the end of last month and told me she had some money that she needed to spend before the year was up. I was so excited and handed her a bunch of titles that I had recently read that were on my NOOK but thought my kids should have access too and then a bunch of new ones that I was dying to read. She also told me to pick out some more graphic novels...any really good ones out there?

Well, they came in! And here is the start of my summer reading list!

I'm super excited. Thanks Judy!

Do any of you have a wonderful relationship with your librarian? Or maybe it is someone else who you always share books with? why are they so wonderful to you?


  1. Hurray for book loving friends!! I'm currently reading Tiger's Curse.... so far, so good :) let me know what you think.

  2. I will move it up on my TBR pile!!! Cant wait to see your review!