Saturday, September 1, 2012


Hello. My name is Michelle Flick. I have had That-itis since I was about 20 years old. It all started when I decided to put the word "that" in as a filler in every sentence that I could. Sadly, it didn't stop there, eventually my that-itis leaked into my writing. I am assuming that the texting didn't help. But as my writing grew and developed, sadly I could never get over my addiction with the word 'that'.

So why am I pouring my heart out about this? I just got my first draft back from Nadine. I insert the word that ALL the time. I think one third of my edits are taking out the word 'that'. So I am acknowledging my problem publicly.

So this is my vow bloggers and writers. I will go through my next manuscript, circle every 'that' that appears, and I will delete them (obviously if they serve no purpose other than to fill). This is my pledge.

OK - so what are you guilty of?


  1. I sooo do the same thing when I write. I noticed my "that" problem while I started a different story last year. So whenever I reread my draft, I pay close attention to make sure I'm not using too many words that are unnecessary (mostly THAT but sometimes other words).

  2. I can't resist commas....I always end up removing scores of them when I proofread! Probably still have extras....

  3. I am guilty of that too. That and so are my two fluff words I have to zap constantly. I think I've gotten a little better, but with each WIP I have a fluff word list I go through.

  4. Well I'm happy I am I'm not the only person! I like the idea of a fluff list. That might help me uphold my pledge

  5. I often get thatitis. I also have problems with reallyitis, justitis and nameitis.